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The North Carolina Barbers Association

Barbering is an artform that has stood and will forever stand the tests of time! Integrity and professionalism are what this industry was built and founded on some thousands of years ago. Some even consider barbering to be the second oldest profession in the world! We hold the barbering industry’s core values and its ability to change lives truly at heart.  Therefore, we would like to formally invite you to become apart of our growing association. We believe that the barbering industry, its barbers, barbering schools and barbershops should always be properly and adequately represented. Our industry is just as great in comparison to other professions, such as dentistry and doctors, which history states even derived some of their basic practices from our founding fathers, the barber-surgeons. Here is a brief overview of our association’s mission and purpose.    


The North Carolina Barbers Association is a community, civic and educationally based nonprofit organization established for the purpose of educating, networking and training of barbers within our state and profession. Our mission is to provide awareness, education and advocacy for barbers, barbershops and barbering schools.  We will accomplish this through effective leadership and representation at our state barbering board and state legislative levels. The North Carolina Barbers Association was founded in 2018. Headquartered in Fayetteville, N.C., the North Carolina Barbers Association will work strategically with our State Board of Barber Examiners and the State General Assembly and Legislature as it relates to our states barbering industry and their relationship with the barbers, barbershops and barbering schools within our state.

The North Carolina Barbers Association is a voluntary organization that will be composed of more than 2500 barbers, and 35 barbering schools. The North Carolina Barbers Association is based near and around the military installation of Fort Bragg, in Hope Mills N.C., located at 2653 Hope Mills Rd. Suite 14, in Hope Mills N.C.  Education, community awareness, training and leadership are our associations driving tools and is ever present in every aspect of the organization. We will create awareness of various issues that are in relation to our barbering industry and that may arise within our state through active community involvement, quarterly and yearly educational seminars, training workshops and legislative representation.

Our diversity statement simply states: The North Carolina Barbers Association is a diverse and multicultural nonprofit organization that is comprised of fellow barbers, barbershops and barbering schools from various backgrounds, ethnicities and communities within our great state of North Carolina. We are committed to recognizing the work of barbers, barbershops and barbering schools within our communities. Growing and maintaining the respect of our craft, in addition to uplifting the professionalism of our great trade within our state is what our organization strives toward. Through teaching, training and educating the barbers within our profession, establishing reputable barbershops and barber schools within in our state and communities, and by encouraging diversity amongst leadership, our organization will maintain the integrity that our great and second oldest profession was built and established upon.  

Michael T. Swinney

Board Chairman

We Need Your Support Today!

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